International Journal of Stability and Fluid Mechanics

International Journal of Stability and Fluid MechanicsJuly-December 2011 Vol:2 Issue:2

Heat Characterstic of Mhd Natural Convective Flow Past Through Vertical Flat Plate in Porous Media Under Radtition Effect


The present paper deals with the study of the vorticity of hydromagnetic free convection flow of an incompressible viscous electrically conducting fluid past an infinite vertical porous plate. The vorticity of the flow has been found for different values of magnetic parameter M and Grashof number . Some important conclusions have been drawn on the effect of magnetic parameter M and Grashof number over the vorticity of the flow. Nomenclature: = Free stream; = Velocity components in - and direction respectively; = Grashof number; = Prandtl number; M = Magnetic Parameter; = Magnetic induction; g = Acceleration due to gravity; = Thermal diffusivity Greek symbols: = Density; = coefficient of volume expansion; = Kinematic viscosity: = Electric conducting; = Suction parameter; = Non-conducting amplitude parameter; = Vorticity


S.K.Shakya, S.Kapoor and Shriprakash  ( Pages 185-194 )
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