International Journal of Stability and Fluid Mechanics

International Journal of Stability and Fluid MechanicsJan.-June 2013 Vol:4 Issue:1

MHD Visco-Elastic Boundary Layer Flow through porous medium with chemical reaction


This study concerned with the behavior of the influence of a first-order homogeneous chemical reaction on free convective boundary layer flow of an electrically conducting visco-elastic, incompressible fluid through porous medium over a continuously moving flat surface in the presence of uniform magnetic field and constant suction is studied. A uniform magnetic field is assumed to be applied perpendicular to the moving flat surface. The velocity, temperature and concentration field are obtained. The effect of various parameters on the velocity, temperature and concentration profile as discussed graphically.


Santosh Kumar Srivastava and R. K. Khare  ( Pages 1-16 )
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Magneto hydrodynamics, visco-elastic, porous media, boundary layer flow, free convection, heat and mass transfer, chemical reaction


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